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Alexander F. Alzaibak
In association with Natalie Swift, Sarah Sanz, Jessica Fria, & Matthew Saman

"nationwide health Insurance you can rest assured with"


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My name is Alexander Alzaibak and I am a United States Health Advisor, meaning I am a nationally licensed health insurance agent. What separates me from the pack so-to-speak is my ability to scan over all of the available plans (private & public) in each state, and provide my clients with the best options for their personal situations. This way you can find the perfect policy free of all the sales calls and free of all the stress!

I am a relatively active user of LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook. Some of my profiles contain privacy settings, however feel free to request, or even refer me on any of the above.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Private vs. Public (ObamaCare) 

Determining which of the following types of healthcare coverage will best suit my clients is an essential part of my process. Below are some of the general qualities that help me determine which type of plan would be the correct match for the applicant. Full disclosure; this is a general overview, and can be subject to exception.


Self-employed, or employed/recently unemployed without reasonably priced benefits.

Income does not qualify for government subsidies.

Completely healthy or relatively healthy.



Severely unhealthy or cannot qualify for private insurance.

Very low to low annual income, therefore qualifies for government subsidies.

In need of maternity coverage, or mental health, specifically with a psychiatrist.


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